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About us

We, Claudia & Christoph with our kids left Germany in the fall of 2020. We had the idea of starting a new life and finding a new place to call home.

As most of the travellers know, one has to destress itself and letting go of old “things” before a new way of life can arise. During the pandemic we remodeled an old motorhome and started our journey into the unknown.

After experiencing Italy, Greece, the balkans, eastern Europe and Turkey we fell in love with Georgia. Here we found our dream property, affordable for our means with a ruin of a house.  But regardless, we decided to stay and bought the land with help of our new georgian friends and neighbours.

Since we invested all of our money, we had to sell our beloved motorhome.  We got a good deal for our “WoMo”  back in Germany and could start the remodeling.

From day one we had visitors that we either met on our travels or heard about us. That was when the idea of a campsite came up. And after posting Camp Itara on Park4Night in the spring of 2022 we had many people that stayed with us to hear about our story, get help with repairs or where just happy to take a warm shower 😉



During the journey to our new life we experienced all kinds of camps with different pricing charts. From 50 Euro a night in Italy with shitty showers to 5 Euros in Turkey with free washing machines.

We believe that the only one that can judge the value of your stay is YOU!

In order to reach Georgia you must have travelled at least 3000-5000km and visited all sorts of places to understand the value of the amenities you decided to use.

We decided to not put a price tag on our services (exept it envolves a third party like a taxi driver or so on.) In our first year we found out that the decision was right and that the average what our guest paid is a little above average. 

Thanks to everyone that helped and is still helping to make Camp Itara an oasis for travellers that need to rest in between cultural experiences or just enjoy good company.